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Revision 6023

This is the start of the ObjectFormatService, which manages the list of object formats registered within Metacat. This includes schema types, mime types, and other information related to a particular format. The service provides functionality for the DataONE MemberNode and CoordinatingNode components, with CoordinatingNodes providing the authoritative list of object formats. See

ObjectFormatService provides the following fields:
logMetacat - The instance of the logging class
objectFormatService - The singleton instance of the object format service
OBJECT_FORMATS_SCOPE - The scope of the object formats docid used as the metacat identifier.
rev - The revision of the object formats document

Provides the following singleton method:
getInstance() - Get the instance of the ObjectFormatService that has been instantiated, or instantiate one if it has not been already.
And the following stubbed methods that override methods in BaseService:
doRefresh() - Refreshes the object format service by manually updating the object format document.
refreshable() - Indicate whether or not this service is refreshable.
stop() - Stop the ObjectFormatService.

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