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  dev 6871 over 11 years Matt Jones Moving Metacat Sphinx RST documentation from do...
  spatial 5935 over 12 years ben leinfelder photoshop file for creating the on/off query wi...
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6943 01/23/2012 03:52 PM ben leinfelder

edited the configuration docs, swapped in new fully-configured screen shot

6940 01/23/2012 02:48 PM ben leinfelder

marked the properties that are only editable manually in

6937 01/23/2012 02:37 PM ben leinfelder

format xml/eml table -- added missing row delimiter

6936 01/23/2012 02:33 PM ben leinfelder

some minimal editing on replication configuration -- bulk of it had been done in the Word doc before rst conversion

6930 01/20/2012 02:35 PM ben leinfelder

add note to enable ssl mod

6929 01/20/2012 12:59 PM ben leinfelder

-include instructions about enabling AJP connector in Tomcat config
-use postgres 8.4
-include hint to disable default Apache site (otherwise the knb config never gets used!)

6928 01/20/2012 11:08 AM ben leinfelder

include instructions for installing Sun's Java6 JDK since it is no longer in apt-get repos

6925 01/19/2012 03:32 PM ben leinfelder

make it clear that the Apache config files are samples and may need to be modified for different servers

6924 01/19/2012 03:16 PM ben leinfelder

update system requirements to be more reasonable

6903 01/13/2012 01:41 AM Matt Jones

Fixed formatting to make fixed-width line much shorter so boxes fit on the page.

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