From 09/28/2016 to 10/27/2016


03:28 PM Bug #7147 (New): KNB header image 'animates' to fill the space in Safari
When I visit with an empty Safari cache, the header background image anim... Bryce Mecum
03:26 PM Bug #7146 (Rejected): Data table icon in search results is truncated
I've attached an imagine showing that the data table icon (data-table.png) is truncated in the search results. I expe... Bryce Mecum
12:24 PM Bug #7145 (Closed): Uploads graph shows upload date of most recent version, not first versioin
I was looking at the Uploads graph on the #profile page,, and noticed the query f... Bryce Mecum


04:07 PM Bug #7143 (New): Cache the annotations on each page to avoid multiple calls to the accounts service for the same person
Lauren Walker


09:32 AM Bug #7140 (Resolved): Download button in search result list doesn't work for metadata only (should use /object not /package)
Jing reported this happening on the KNB. Lauren Walker


03:25 PM Bug #7139 (Resolved): Fix Solr syntax errors with the { and } characters
Dave V reported this Solr syntax error from the logs today: Cannot parse ' eve...
Lauren Walker
02:39 PM Feature #7103 (Resolved): Decrease the zoom level for maps on the MetadataView
Lauren Walker
02:19 PM Bug #7138 (Resolved): Map is wrong on metadata Index view
Lauren Walker


04:35 PM Bug #7138 (Resolved): Map is wrong on metadata Index view
Example: Lauren Walker


02:43 PM Story #7137 (New): Create a data package from scratch
Serialize an EML document and its system metdata
Serialize a resource map and its system metadata
Serialize system ...
Lauren Walker
02:42 PM Story #7136 (New): Add a new data file to a package
Create a new DataONEObject model
Add it to the DataPackage collection
On save, upload a new DataONE data object to ...
Lauren Walker
02:41 PM Story #7135 (New): Show data upload form to the user in the DataPackage view
Lauren Walker
02:41 PM Story #7134 (New): Remove a data object from a collection
Update the DataPackage collection
Archive a data object on a member node
Update the view
Lauren Walker
02:38 PM Feature #7133 (Resolved): Rename a data object by updating its System Metadata (via DataONEObject model)
Update the model
Save the model to the server by updating its system metadata
Lauren Walker
02:37 PM Feature #7132 (In Progress): Serialize a Resource Map from a DataPackage collection
Lauren Walker
02:36 PM Story #7131 (New): Allow users to edit or create data packages in the editor
Lauren Walker
02:35 PM Story #7130 (New): Update an EML doc and System Metadata doc on a member node
Either create or update should work Lauren Walker
02:33 PM Story #7129 (New): Update EML module models when their view fields are edited
We may create a finer-detailed checklist of these at a later time, depending on time we may try to tackle certain sec... Lauren Walker
02:31 PM Story #7128 (New): Make all fields in the EML View editable
Show an edit button next to each editable field
When clicked, transform the display to form elements
This is most...
Lauren Walker
02:30 PM Story #7127 (New): Allow editing of EML display
Lauren Walker
02:29 PM Story #7126 (New): Projects section
- Title
- Funding #, with link to NSF funding page
- Personnel
Lauren Walker
02:28 PM Story #7125 (New): Methods section
- A list of each method step and description
- A list of each sampling step, with area and frequency and description
Lauren Walker
02:28 PM Story #7124 (New): Taxa section
A table of rank:value pairs Lauren Walker
02:28 PM Story #7123 (New): Locations section
- One map of all geographic regions
- A table of all the geographic regions
Use Google Maps at first (simple API...
Lauren Walker
02:26 PM Story #7122 (New): Dates section
For now, just a simple begin and end date Lauren Walker
02:26 PM Story #7121 (New): People section
A table for each role type Lauren Walker
02:26 PM Story #7120 (New): Overview section
- Abstract
- Keywords
- Alternate Ids
Lauren Walker
02:23 PM Story #7119 (New): Render an EML model in the UI
Lauren Walker
02:22 PM Story #7118 (New): Create a new EML and its System Meta doc on a member node
Lauren Walker
02:21 PM Story #7117 (In Progress): Serialize a System Metadata doc from a DataONEObject model
Lauren Walker
02:21 PM Story #7116 (New): Serialize an EML model to an EML document
Start with the modules from ticket #7106 Lauren Walker
02:20 PM Feature #7115 (New): EMLProject
Lauren Walker
02:19 PM Feature #7114 (New): EMLMethods
Lauren Walker
02:19 PM Feature #7113 (New): Taxon
Lauren Walker
02:19 PM Feature #7112 (New): TemporalCoverage
Lauren Walker
02:19 PM Feature #7111 (New): GeographicCoverage
Lauren Walker
02:19 PM Feature #7110 (New): EMLOnlineDistribution
Lauren Walker
02:18 PM Feature #7109 (New): EMLKeyword modules
Lauren Walker
02:18 PM Feature #7108 (New): EMLParty modules
Lauren Walker
02:17 PM Feature #7107 (New): Basic fields on the EML211 model
Alternate ids
Lauren Walker
02:15 PM Story #7106 (New): Retrieve an EML doc and parse into model attributes
Lauren Walker
02:06 PM Task #7043 (Resolved): Develop use case documents for basic editor functions
Lauren Walker
02:06 PM Task #7041 (Resolved): Develop a design document to steer software development.
Lauren Walker
02:05 PM Story #7040 (In Progress): A client side data and metadata manager and editor
Lauren Walker
02:05 PM Task #7056 (Closed): Investigate schema-based JS object generation
This research is closed, for now.. we've decided to implement the EML editor by creating JS models that represent EML... Lauren Walker
02:03 PM Task #7051: Develop a 'Move Dataset Levels' use case
Moving to a later release Lauren Walker
02:02 PM Task #7042 (Resolved): Develop mockup images for editor use cases
Lauren Walker


01:36 PM Feature #6950 (Rejected): Add "show available services" search to DataCatalog View
Lauren Walker
01:35 PM Story #6945: Expose Member Node services
At the DataONE AHM we decided to implement this by November 2016, so it will be released before 2.0.0 Lauren Walker
01:30 PM Task #7050 (Resolved): Develop the 'Add a Nested Dataset' use case
Lauren Walker
12:55 PM Bug #7104 (New): Navigating directly to a dataset #view page using a data pid sometimes goes to an obsoleted package
Example: df35d.94.5 in GOA
The message that a newer versions appears so it is not completely broken, but a user wo...
Lauren Walker

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