From 10/02/2016 to 10/31/2016


03:28 PM Bug #7147 (New): KNB header image 'animates' to fill the space in Safari
When I visit with an empty Safari cache, the header background image anim... Bryce Mecum
03:26 PM Bug #7146 (Rejected): Data table icon in search results is truncated
I've attached an imagine showing that the data table icon (data-table.png) is truncated in the search results. I expe... Bryce Mecum
12:24 PM Bug #7145 (Closed): Uploads graph shows upload date of most recent version, not first versioin
I was looking at the Uploads graph on the #profile page,, and noticed the query f... Bryce Mecum


04:07 PM Bug #7143 (New): Cache the annotations on each page to avoid multiple calls to the accounts service for the same person
Lauren Walker


09:32 AM Bug #7140 (Resolved): Download button in search result list doesn't work for metadata only (should use /object not /package)
Jing reported this happening on the KNB. Lauren Walker


03:25 PM Bug #7139 (Resolved): Fix Solr syntax errors with the { and } characters
Dave V reported this Solr syntax error from the logs today: Cannot parse ' eve...
Lauren Walker
02:39 PM Feature #7103 (Resolved): Decrease the zoom level for maps on the MetadataView
Lauren Walker
02:19 PM Bug #7138 (Resolved): Map is wrong on metadata Index view
Lauren Walker


04:35 PM Bug #7138 (Resolved): Map is wrong on metadata Index view
Example: Lauren Walker

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