From 12/08/2016 to 01/06/2017


04:15 PM Bug #7172 (New): Odd spacing/sizing/hover behavior in Submit/Login buttons in Arctic skin
I was on today looking at something unrelated and noticed some graphical oddities.
1. The "Sign in w...
Bryce Mecum


08:46 AM Feature #7133 (Resolved): Rename a data object by updating its System Metadata (via DataONEObject model)
Lauren Walker
08:46 AM Feature #7132 (In Progress): Serialize a Resource Map from a DataPackage collection
Resource maps that are retrieved from the MN can be edited and updated.
Still need to work on creating new resourc...
Lauren Walker
08:45 AM Story #7117 (In Progress): Serialize a System Metadata doc from a DataONEObject model
System metadata that is retrieved from a member node can now be edited and updated.
Still need to work on serializ...
Lauren Walker

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