From 12/10/2002 to 01/08/2003


12:41 PM Bug #935 (Resolved): Change behavior of routine that tests for 'access missing' triples
routine in DataPackage creator that checks for datapackage elements that do not
have a complete set of access triple...
Dan Higgins
08:32 PM Bug #934: attribute editing window doesn't change domain properly
Problem occurred because object added to class for use with TextImportWizard
were null when used with new data table ...
Dan Higgins
04:36 PM Bug #934 (Resolved): attribute editing window doesn't change domain properly
Another new bug that needs to be fixed for the 1.3 release. When one chooses to
add a new column in an exis...
Matt Jones


02:33 PM Bug #932 (Resolved): Disable tooltips when window is not in foreground
Running the cursor over a tooltip in a background window brings that window to
the fromt (in order to show the toolt...
Dan Higgins
02:31 PM Bug #931 (Resolved): Need more descriptive identifiers
Suggestion from Christy Bowles:
Identifiers could be replaced with more user friendly options.
At a minimum, the n...
Dan Higgins
02:25 PM Bug #930 (Resolved): Explanation of entity/attribute window display
Suggested feature enhancment from Christy Bowles:
Suggest that there be some explanation of popup that says somethin...
Dan Higgins

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