From 08/05/2007 to 09/03/2007


07:02 PM Bug #2931 (New): Automatically include default upload file names for inserting ESRI data packages
Present the user with a single update field for the metadata file (displayed on the metadata page). Upon file select... Chris Barteau
06:44 PM Bug #2930: Improve Login, Upload, Query results, and Metdata display aesthetics
Add a thumbnail to the Metadata display page. This would involve modifying the XSLT file to check for the existance ... Chris Barteau
06:34 PM Bug #2930 (In Progress): Improve Login, Upload, Query results, and Metdata display aesthetics
For the metadata display, modify XSLT and CSS files to modify the resulting HTML form for aesthetics. For the other ... Chris Barteau
06:19 PM Bug #2929 (Resolved): Change permission to the update form
On the metadata display form, at the top of the 'update file' section, add an 'allow public access' checkbox. Modify... Chris Barteau
06:11 PM Bug #2928 (Resolved): Set permissions on individual inserted files
When a new data package is created, loop thru all uploaded files and set the accesses to the same as that set for the... Chris Barteau
06:04 PM Bug #2927 (Resolved): Upon file update, return to Metadata page (updated with new Doc Id)
After update button is pressed, return to the metadata page. Update the XSLT DOC ID parameter with new Doc Id (new v... Chris Barteau
05:54 PM Bug #2926 (Resolved): Develop Download links for SANParks data
Develop links to download the data. One link to download the entire data package (as a zip file) and download links ... Chris Barteau
05:44 PM Bug #2925 (Resolved): Put Delete buttons in the metadata 'Update' form
Modify XSLT code to generate a delete button for each file in the Update section of the metadata display. Modify/deb... Chris Barteau

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