From 10/08/2003 to 11/06/2003


08:48 AM Bug #1070: propose a flexible system for transformation steps
Reassigning to bowers in light of his work on transformations in the EML unit
dictionary and other areas.
Matt Jones
05:24 AM Bug #1208 (Resolved): Final impl of webservice of DiGIR
Complete impl and tested version of WS GT3 wrapper for DiGIR Rod Spears
05:23 AM Bug #1207 (Resolved): Initial impl of the webservices wrapper of DiGIR
This is sort of a beta version where it works but it is not fully tested and robust Rod Spears
05:21 AM Bug #1206 (Resolved): GT3 skeleton wrapper for DiGIR
This represents being able to start DiGIR as a econgrid webservice and have some
contact it and it probably can cont...
Rod Spears
05:18 AM Bug #1043: Implement Ecogrid wrapper for DiGIR (Tracking Bug)
This is a Tracking Bug for getting the Java wrapper on DiGIR to make it a GT3
Rod Spears
05:13 AM Bug #1043: Implement Ecogrid wrapper for DiGIR (Tracking Bug)
Taking Bug Rod Spears
05:15 AM Bug #1205 (Resolved): Get DiGIR working on Windows
Need to get DiGIR working on my Windows box so I can start developing the Java
Rod Spears


03:46 PM Bug #1066: follow up with DiscoveryNet
The main way to use DN was through agreed upon APIs. However, SEEK has
committed to provide and built upon open sour...
Bertram Ludaescher

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