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12:40 PM Kepler Bug #4388: remove the ptII module
Yes, ppod is a "module" with no source code (what I call a "suite"), just a description.txt and a modules.txt in modu... Timothy McPhillips
12:14 PM Kepler Bug #4388: remove the ptII module
I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused. I thought ptII was a suite meant to enable Kepler developers to run Ptolemy fr... Timothy McPhillips


10:43 AM Kepler Bug #4320: Component Library Folders and Popup Menus
Addressing Christopher's comment, I think what this makes this entry "bug-ish" is that the Component Library looks li... Timothy McPhillips


02:08 PM Kepler Bug #4285: workflow canvas does not repack to fill empty space when top window is resized
Another manifestation of this (?) bug (on Ubuntu) is that if you run Kepler on a display not big enough (in the verti... Timothy McPhillips


04:27 PM Kepler Bug #4300 (New): Animate at Runtime" checkbox stays checked when director is replaced
If you enable run-time animation of a workflow and then swap in a different director, the "Animate at Runtime" menu i... Timothy McPhillips
02:31 PM Kepler Bug #3724: composite's ports cannot be renamed from within composite--add context menu?
I think this should be fixed for the 2.0 release. It is awkward not being able to edit port names in place. I sugge... Timothy McPhillips
02:21 PM Kepler Bug #4068: File Menu should display 5 most recently used workflows
I think a list of MRU workflows in the File menu is important to have for the 2.0 release. Timothy McPhillips
02:16 PM Kepler Bug #4112: make kepler use OSX dialog boxes
This would be great because it apparently would allow me to quickly save or load workflows in my home directory, etc.... Timothy McPhillips
02:03 PM Kepler Bug #4285 (New): workflow canvas does not repack to fill empty space when top window is resized
On Ubuntu 9.04/JRE 1.5_0_18 the workflow canvas does not repack automatically when the main window is resized. For ... Timothy McPhillips


01:05 PM Kepler Bug #4046 (New): ComadTest should report more details when detecting an error
The ComadTest actor is used to create automated tests of COMAD features. Because it is often useful to include sever... Timothy McPhillips

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