Norbert Podhorszki





07:54 AM Kepler Bug #3022 (Resolved): FSM State cannot be opened from context menu
Modal Model (FSM) States can have Refinements (just as Transitions can have).
The context menu for the Transitions c...


03:06 PM Kepler Bug #3003 (Resolved): Copy/Paste of selection: copy should be selected
The copy/paste of a selected part of a graph is inconvenient to use because
- the copy usually overlaps with the ori...
02:56 PM Kepler Bug #3002 (Resolved): Copy/Paste of a relation (diamond)
The pasted diamond symbol completely overlaps the original one.
In contrast, other pasted elements are relocated a ...


02:52 PM Kepler Bug #2870 (Resolved): Copy/Paste of composite actors
There is a composite actor A, in which a parameter P is referred to.
A Copy/Paste into another workflow (or some oth...


12:13 PM Kepler Bug #2572 (Resolved): Export KAR can produce several actors with the same lsid
Start new workflow
Create two composite actors (put something into them)
Export them as KARs (one-by-one into two K...


01:00 PM Kepler Bug #2571 (Resolved): position of new elements on screen
It is quite annoying for me that copy/paste from another window puts the
copied element onto the same absolute coord...
12:43 PM Kepler Bug #2570 (New): port's context menu should contain renaming
Context menu for ports does not contain "Customize Name". Neither outside on
the actors, nor inside a composite.


03:39 PM Kepler Bug #2561 (Resolved): context menu of attributes
Kepler provides a poor context menu for attributes/parameters:
only Configure + Documentation.
Thus, I cannot ren...

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