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09:30 PM Kepler Bug #4443: gui-free class for provenance store settings
This sounds interesting, but I'm not sure I fully understand it.
Could this be a bit further expanded?
Can one not u...


07:44 PM Kepler Bug #4361: Workflow Run Manager column "Workflow Name" can be confusing
What are the constraints, between those two names, i.e. (1) the filename, and (2) the workflow name as specified in t...


02:18 AM Kepler Bug #4282: Duplicate of ptolemy.gui.Top
For instructional and educational purposes I found it useful to be able to switch to Ptolemy from Kepler, not least b...


08:58 AM Kepler Bug #1750: Allow KAR files to include jar/class files
Seems this is a long standing issue that requires further discussion.
Any pointers to design documents or similar?
06:50 PM Kepler Bug #4292: Menu items should display the same icon as buttons with the same functionality.
Will the 2.0 config system allow this to be done in 2.x.y, or does this sound more like a 3.0 feature?
06:43 PM Kepler Bug #4310: ValueListeners receive valueChanged events when values have not changed
getValueAsString sounds like a "read only" activity, so I understand that a "valueChanged" event is a surprise, if no...
06:27 PM Kepler Bug #4316: re-evaluate how kars are managed in the build and runtime
Can someone post here a link to any further documentation about how the "KAR system" is supposed to work? Then we cou...


04:35 PM Kepler Bug #4095 (New): Java Package Ontology (e.g. to facilitate Ptolemy component access)
Ptolemy has a number of neat components that are currently very hard to get to.
For example, MonitorReceiverContent...


09:08 AM Kepler Bug #4068: File Menu should display 5 most recently used workflows
Hi Ben:
Yes, you're right: remembering the last used directory (even if only within a session) is convenient!
If w...


03:53 PM Kepler Bug #4068 (Resolved): File Menu should display 5 most recently used workflows
The 'File' menu in Kepler does not show the most recently opened workflows.
It would be important to have a "Recent ...

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