Bug #4316

re-evaluate how kars are managed in the build and runtime

Added by Aaron Aaron about 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Currently modules have a /resources/kar directory containing a folder corresponding to each kar. This folder is checked in to SVN. Then whenever we start kepler we "Build Kars" and the /resources/kar/<karName> directory gets turned into a kar file in the /kar directory. Which Kepler then immediately unpacks again and starts using.

We should remove the resources/kar directory from svn and check in the kar files themselves. Then create a build target that will unpack the kars to the /resources/kar directory when desired (svn.ignore should be set on the /resources/kar directory to make sure it does not get checked into svn).
Another target would create a new directory in /resources/kar with a skeleton actor for people who want to create a new kar. And another target would build a kar file in the /kar directory from the files in a /resources/kar/<karName> directory and roll the LSID revision each time the kar is built.

This enhancement will reduce checkout time and startup time and provide an automated mechanism for updating KAR revisions.

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#1 Updated by Chad Berkley about 13 years ago

Several people do not think that kars should be checked into SVN so there needs to be a discussion amongst stake holders before this is implemented.

#2 Updated by Bertram Ludaescher about 13 years ago

Can someone post here a link to any further documentation about how the "KAR system" is supposed to work? Then we could try and agree on the goals first, then nail down the how-to. Just my $0.02 ;)


#3 Updated by Chad Berkley over 12 years ago

KARs will not be checked into SVN for the forseable future. Closing this bug. We can reopen it at a later time if that becomes necessary.

#4 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4316

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