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05:58 AM Kepler Bug #5314 (New): Closing last workflow window closes Kepler application
This is not compatible with Mac OS X way of closing windows.
After last window is closed, application should remai...
Michal Owsiak


02:21 AM Kepler Bug #5189 (New): When File -> Exit is choosen Kepler closes all workflows without warning
This issue is related to multiple workflows execution. In order to reproduce it do as follows:
1. Open Kepler
2. ...
Michal Owsiak


01:49 AM Kepler Bug #5162 (New): Kepler quits with JVM error (no use-case for reproducing error)
From time to time, Kepler finishes it's execution (when closed through File-> Exit).
Following error occurs (it mi...
Michal Owsiak


01:57 AM Kepler Bug #5156 (Resolved): ant run for kepler 1.0 fails after clean svn checkout
gamma:build-area michalo$ pwd
gamma:build-area michalo$ sw_vers
Michal Owsiak


03:12 PM Kepler Bug #4506: Exception is thrown during workflow execution
If it comes to the use case - yes and no.
It fails during execution of the workflow that combines PN and DDF directo...
Michal Owsiak


01:46 PM Kepler Bug #4506 (Resolved): Exception is thrown during workflow execution
Within PN like workflow it seems that one thread iterates through the hashmap while other one modifies the data of th... Michal Owsiak


11:29 AM Kepler Bug #3898: update .kepler instead of removing it between versions
(In reply to comment #11)
This idea (of passing parameter through the Java properties) is exactly what I'd like to h...
Michal Owsiak


02:31 AM Kepler Bug #4351 (Resolved): ant netbans fails due to missing file
During ant netbeans, exveption is thrown:
[netbeans] /home/michalo/kepler/build-are...
Michal Owsiak
01:00 AM Kepler Bug #4350 (Resolved): Integrity constraint violation - no parent SYS_FK_59 table - during _first_ startup
During Kepler startup - from Eclipse project, following error occurs.
NOTE! This error occurs during first start-u...
Michal Owsiak

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