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11:19 AM Kepler Bug #4481: KNB authentication and pulling data
hmm I see. I was not capitalizing Kruger. I'm able to see results using only authenticated interface but now I'm gett... shirley shirley
11:02 AM Kepler Bug #4481: KNB authentication and pulling data
I've tried only searching through the authenticated interface sources, but when I do this, I don't receive any result... shirley shirley
10:27 AM Kepler Bug #4478: Configuring ports
I can't seem to go through the actions that replicate it but it happened again yesterday for me and I wasn't doing an... shirley shirley


03:09 PM Kepler Bug #4481 (Resolved): KNB authentication and pulling data
In order to sign into KNB with my username and password, I need to clean my cache (no way to manual force the authent... shirley shirley


03:36 PM Kepler Bug #4478 (New): Configuring ports
When the Kepler dev has been running for a long time (a few hours), there appears to be a problem with the configurin... shirley shirley
03:26 PM Kepler Bug #4450: Saving workflow in Windows 7
I shut down kepler and restarted and the problem seems to have disappeared.
(In reply to comment #2)
> I can't repli...
shirley shirley


01:58 PM Kepler Bug #4450 (Resolved): Saving workflow in Windows 7
I'm working on a PC with Windows 7. I've created a new workflow and would like to save it so I can open it up later b... shirley shirley

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