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use https to svn check out modules

Added by Daniel Crawl almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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It would be nice if the build system used https when getting modules.

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Updated by dhogan dhogan almost 12 years ago

This would make it easier to track development behind a corporate firewall.

Attached is a patch that uses https for the standard modules. For http proxies, you can add svn configuration for kepler in either ~/.subversion/servers or APPDATA/Subversion/servers

  1. svn config begin
    kepler =,
  1. http-proxy-exceptions = ... # as needed
    http-proxy-host = your-proxy-host
    http-proxy-port = 80
  2. The next two may be optional depending on your proxy configuration.
  3. Some allow https traffic without authentication
    http-proxy-username = foo
    http-proxy-password = bar
    1. svn config end

Index: src/org/kepler/build/project/ ===================================================================
--- src/org/kepler/build/project/ (revision 29007)
+++ src/org/kepler/build/project/ (working copy)
@ -41,7 +41,7 @
public class RepositoryLocations {
//Repository Locations
- public static String REPO = "";
+ public static String REPO = "";
public static String BRANCHES = REPO + "/releases/release-branches";
public static String RELEASED = REPO + "/releases/released";
public static String TEST_RELEASES = REPO + "/releases/test-releases";

If you use the above configuration and run "ant -f kepler-tasks.xml" from the build-area directory to rebuild kepler-tasks.jar, it should checkout everything over https.

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Updated by Matt Jones almost 12 years ago

This should be straightforward to incorporate. I'll check with Derik about whether it can go in 2.3.0, but it certainly should be able to go into the trunk for the next release.

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Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 12 years ago

I updated build-area/src/org/kepler/build/project/
and changed http to https in r29048. kepler-tasks.jar was updated in the r29049.

The changes to .subversion/servers are probably only necessary if a http proxy
is in use, but they are useful to have documented.

See also bug#5432, "ant update hangs if the svn certificate changes (and possibly always hangs the first time)", which was fixed, but has some useful information.

One downside to using https to get the ptII repository is that most users do not have write access via https. This is because there is no easy way on the server for users to update their https passwords.
Hopefully this will change soon when we move to a different subversion server.

I'm closing this bug because we now use https when getting modules.

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Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 5502


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