Tim Bergsma





08:00 AM EML Bug #661 (Resolved): spell check eml-attribute.xsd and synchronize with unitDictionary
eml-attribute has typos, such as filed for file and mailnly for mainly. Also,
the unitDictionary contains errors t...


05:54 AM EML Bug #654: scope of the unit element
So... an attribute with celsius units has an interval measurement scale, but one
with kelvin units has a ratio measu...


12:34 PM EML Bug #626 (Resolved): ProcedureStepType schema needs revision to protect sequence of descriptions.
As of RC2, the schema for ProcedureStepType is such that protocol replaces,
rather than qualifies, description. I ...


12:08 PM EML Bug #625: Cardinality regarding eml-methods should be corrected in two places.
I think this bug can be dropped. Bug 624, submitted near-simultaneously, raises
the same issue as part 2 (sequence...


12:48 PM EML Bug #625 (Resolved): Cardinality regarding eml-methods should be corrected in two places.
eml-dataset has an optional child element methods with the cardinality zero-or-
ONE. It should be zero-to-MANY. A ...


12:18 PM EML Bug #595 (Resolved): DescriptorType
eml-project.xsd has a DescriptorType. Since it is not (?) used anywhere in
this file, I'm guessing it's not used i...
11:51 AM EML Bug #594 (Resolved): change cardinality for designDescription and studyAreaDescription
In researchProject, it is apparently possible to create any number of
designDescriptions, each of which contain any...


05:59 AM EML Bug #586: resolve validation problem with missing keys
Now I'm scared. I've been largely ignoring the identifier discussion, probably
because I thought they wouldn't affe...

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