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12:57 PM Kepler Bug #2735: Data search with GEON data source enabled created error messages
it's been fixede Efrat Jaeger


03:20 PM Kepler Bug #2672 (In Progress): actor search term should be trimmed + searching with multiple terms
I was searching for the Display actor and came up with multiple bugs (features). First, the search term should be tri... Efrat Jaeger


09:59 AM Kepler Bug #2506 (Resolved): Windows installer w/o jvm complains about invalid jvm
When installing and trying to load the Windows beta2 release installation (without jvm), I get an invalid jvm error. Efrat Jaeger


02:14 PM Kepler Bug #2361 (Resolved): Using backspace in the search pane deletes highlighted components
Seems like there is no distinction between the different panes in the workflow
editor gui. When using the backspace ...
Efrat Jaeger


09:09 PM Kepler Bug #2326: Kepler workflow loading freezes when trying to load actors using a password attribute
resolved by improving database schema extraction performance Efrat Jaeger


04:19 PM Kepler Bug #2326 (Resolved): Kepler workflow loading freezes when trying to load actors using a password attribute
Wheneven a workflow contains an actor that uses an attribute named password,
and this attribute value is set, loadi...
Efrat Jaeger


03:07 PM Kepler Bug #2233 (Resolved): Name duplication exception with KAR files
The new kar system throws a name duplication exception when two kars
implemented by (perhaps completely) different ...
Efrat Jaeger


11:15 AM Kepler Bug #1888: changes to data access system to incorporate geon data
Need to cache the db schema.
Still need to decide within the GEON project what to do with Web services
Efrat Jaeger
11:09 AM Kepler Bug #1908: GEON datasets wrappers
done Efrat Jaeger
11:09 AM Kepler Bug #1903: Wrappers to access ADN metadata
done Efrat Jaeger

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