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create and revise schema docs for ecogrid messages

Added by Matt Jones almost 20 years ago. Updated about 17 years ago.

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Schema document for query, read, RSIDS, structure, with definitions and
examples. This is a formalization of the schemas we developed at the Seattle
EcoGrid meeting, meant to be captured and documented.

Target deadline: April 18

Actions #1

Updated by Matt Jones over 19 years ago

Query document schema is largely complete and is in CVS (needs docuemntation and
the operator list enumeration).

Need to continue work on message structure for the result set (RSIDS).

Actions #2

Updated by Matt Jones over 19 years ago

Added a resultset schema document (resultset.xsd) to CVS. It is an initial pass
at a structure for a result set. Still needs work, as does the query.xsd, but
both are a good basis for discussion at the meeting next week in San Diego.

Actions #3

Updated by Matt Jones over 19 years ago

Modify both query.xsd and resultset.xsd to accomodate the changes we discussed
at the meeting. This may incorporate XQuery.

Who: Matt
Target: May 26

Actions #4

Updated by Jing Tao over 19 years ago

To my understanding, resultset.xsd is for RISD type in queryInterface.wsdl. If
it has query itself (filter) in resultset schema, it will be very easy for
PortType decodeRISD. Because RISD already has the query part.

By the way, resultset has an element name "sendTime" and in
queryInterface3.wsdl, RISD type has an element named "timeStamp". Are they

Actions #5

Updated by Matt Jones over 19 years ago

At the Seattle (Sept 2003) EcoGrid meeting we decided:

Revise query.xsd:
-- add repeatable returnfield element for specifying structure of return records

Revise resultset.xsd:
-- add system, namespace, modificationDate, and creationDate to each record
-- identifiers for a record are considered relative URIs, with a base value
of the "system" attribute for that metadata, where the system should
contain the GSH for an ecogrid enabled server:
so, for example, system="ecogrid://"
-- modify the record internal structure by creating a composite document
that contains all of the values specified in returnfield elements with
their parent elements. If the path does not reference a leaf node
text element, then all of the children of that node are returned.
For example, if the query had:
returnfield="/eml/dataset/title" and returnfield="/eml/dataset/creator"
The record would look like:

<record ...>
<title>Some random title</title>
Actions #6

Updated by Matt Jones about 17 years ago

Initial implementation based on globus finished. Closing these bugs as we move
to a new implementation based on axis.

Actions #7

Updated by Redmine Admin almost 10 years ago

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