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Wizard Attribute Page: allow enumerations to be populated from other tables (eg species lists)

Added by Matthew Brooke over 18 years ago. Updated over 18 years ago.

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This is a copy of part (a) of bug 1201, which is now closed

On the Wizard Attribute Page, allow enumerations to be populated from other
tables (eg species lists). These other tables may or may not have already been
described in morpho. needs to be changed so that the "enumerated" panel has
a button or url link saying something like "are definitions for these codes
found in another table?". When clicked, a dialog presents the user with
  • I will import the definitions table into Morpho later
  • The definitions table has already been included in my datapackage

If they choose the first (import definitions later), add the required details to
a java.util.List to keep track, then close dialog and move on. (the "required
details" might be an object that records the attribute identifier and maybe a
summary description, so the user will recognize the attribute when asked about
it at the end)

If the second choice is selected (table is already in datapackage), allow the
user to select the correct table (from a dropdown?), and then somehow display
that table in the dialog and enable user to choose relevant columns, and then
reference these in the metadata (don't copy them), using the eml
ordinal)/nonNumericDomain/enumeratedDomain/entityCodeList/" subtree (see eml

Finally, when the user gets to the last page and hits finish, we should check
the java.util.List to see if any tables are not yet available (i.e. choice #1).
Then present the user with the list of incomplete attribs, and for each entry in
the list, we should do the following:

1) (not for first item, only for second onwards) - ask the user if the data for
this entry is in an existing table. If yes, skip to dialog described above, so
they can select it. If no:

2) start data wizard so they can import or describe table (do we want to limit
them to describing imported text tables for this step??)

3) After this import is done, skip to dialog described above, with the new table
already selected, so they can select the columns.

4) repeat as necessary


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