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04:20 PM Morpho Bug #1566: recongizing time formats
For some reason, java doesnt seem to recognize even hh:mm:ss as a Date format.
It is able to recognize a full date li...
03:01 PM Morpho Bug #1565: morpho wouldnt go look for an external table with descriptions of codes in a list
To import codes and definitions from an external table, that table has to be
imported into your datapackage (if it ha...


03:34 PM Morpho Bug #1555 (Resolved): Unable to open data files of local data packages that are created in another profile
If we create a local data package (with some data file) with public access in
one profile, and try to open that pac...


05:05 PM Morpho Bug #1515: taxon dialog checks input but allows invalid input
fixed. now, a user cant leave a cell after entering some invalid data. invalid
entries, if any at all, are discarded...
05:02 PM Morpho Bug #1520: taxo coverage data entry error
bug fixed. the data validation in the taxon page is better now. Now, you cannot
leave a cell till a valid data is en...


04:59 PM Morpho Bug #1535: role disappears under certain editing circumstances
Bug fixed. The entire party subtree was being replaced earlier and hence the
role information was lost. Now we can s...


08:23 AM Morpho Bug #1513 (Resolved): Bug in the handling of the "additionalMetadata" elements by the EML Editor
There seems to be a problem in the way the EML editor handles
the "additionalMetadata" elements.
In particular, ...


03:09 PM Morpho Bug #1484: Taxonomic Coverage Page not being populated properly
the wrong xPath was being passed to the setPageData() method. This was causing
the problem. Corrected it now.


02:55 PM Morpho Bug #1474: taxon citation screen ok button does nothing
(2) is also fixed.
02:22 PM Morpho Bug #1474: taxon citation screen ok button does nothing
resolved (1). (2) seems to be fixed too (atleast for the cases i tried). Now, I
am not able to reproduce this bug.. ...

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