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finish actor prototype tool

Added by Chad Berkley over 17 years ago. Updated over 15 years ago.

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need to finish the actor prototyping tool. need to be able to edit the init,
prefire and fire code within the dialog. also need to figure out how to
dynamically reload the class.


#1 Updated by Ilkay Altintas over 17 years ago

Need to implement functionality to also add "actor parameters" from the GUI.

#2 Updated by Chad Berkley over 17 years ago

still need to allow users to choose a custom icon for the new actor.

#3 Updated by Chad Berkley almost 17 years ago

I have looked extensively into trying to recompile and reload a class in java
and have been unable to figure out how to do it within the framework of kepler.
Though there are several schemes to reload classes in java, they all rely on
not including classes in the main classpath and instead loading interfaces,
which won't work in kepler because the name of the actor class is hard coded in
the moml. I'm pretty much stuck on this right now and I'm not sure where to go
with it from here.

#4 Updated by Chad Berkley over 16 years ago

I am no longer sure if this is needed functionality within kepler. There are
several other ways to prototype an actor. The most simple being to create a
composite actor and add ports and types to it. I don't think it is worth the
effort to finish off this functionality and get the class to dynamically load.
This functionality could be left in kepler for developers to use to make stub
classes, but the dynamic loading part is unneeded in my opinion. I am closing
this bug, if anyone thinks it should be left open, please reopen it.

#5 Updated by Redmine Admin about 8 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 1335

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