From 09/13/2004 to 10/12/2004


11:08 AM Bug #1589: actor testing system
PTII4.0 has this functionality. Chad Berkley
11:08 AM Bug #1592: describe Sparrow toolkit interface
Shawn has done this. Chad Berkley
11:07 AM Bug #1581: "New actor" instantiated from command line application and saving actors in specified libraries
I'm don't think this is needed now because of changes in PTII4.0. Chad Berkley
11:06 AM Bug #1546: dynamic data and actor views using ontologies
This is now working via Jena. Shawn and I have changed the kepler configuration
to only include a long moml list of ...
Chad Berkley
11:03 AM Bug #1330: interface enhancements
Chad wrote:
> --the zoom buttons are totally unintuitive. they need new icons
I might be off track, but are we talki...
Christopher Brooks
10:50 AM Bug #1330: interface enhancements
the following items have been fixed in one way or another. The rest I will
re-evaluate and move to individual bugs.
Chad Berkley
10:59 AM Bug #1543: create workflow scripting language
Since this is already implemented via JACL in PTII, this bug is moot. Chad Berkley
10:58 AM Bug #1341: need a viewing toolbox
The vergil canvas now has scrollbars that are visible when the size of the
canvas is bigger than the size of the pane...
Chad Berkley
10:52 AM Bug #1335: finish actor prototype tool
I am no longer sure if this is needed functionality within kepler. There are
several other ways to prototype an acto...
Chad Berkley


06:14 AM Bug #1697 (Resolved): Create a DarwinCore Actor
After returning results from a DiGIR query we need to consolidate the results in
order to create the proper MetaData...
Rod Spears
06:08 AM Bug #1660: Add QueryBuilder to the Data Actors
Added QB and worked with Jing to get the HSQL engine working with the
Eml200DataSource actor.
Rod Spears


04:48 PM Bug #1695 (Resolved): Multi-node EcoGrid search for Kepler
Currently, the end points and namespace for EcoGrid search in kepler is hard
coded in configure file. The reason we ...
Jing Tao


04:11 PM Bug #1690: Lock up of Kepler when trying to open Utilities/Deocatrive menu
this was a classpath issue. the $PTII/doc directory has a bunch of images, one
of which is hard coded into the ptole...
Chad Berkley
02:41 PM Bug #1690: Lock up of Kepler when trying to open Utilities/Deocatrive menu
problem disappears when the line
<property name="Image" class="ptolemy.vergil.kernel.attributes.ImageAttribute"/>
Dan Higgins
12:04 PM Bug #1690 (Resolved): Lock up of Kepler when trying to open Utilities/Deocatrive menu
If one tries to open the Utilites/Decorative item in the Actors menu, Kepler
currently locks up. This needs to be fi...
Dan Higgins

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