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01:33 PM Kepler Bug #5646 (New): Switching some of the add-on modules to core
Before 2.5, we need a discussion on switching some of the key modules, e.g., modules in the reporting suite, to the c...
12:54 PM Kepler Bug #5633: Actor/Attribute Search/Find Facility needs menu choices
Decided that a search bar will be added to the outline.
12:46 PM Kepler Bug #5458: Moving between 2.2 and 2.3 and back requires deleting ~/KeplerData
It is fixed as of 2.3 and this will not happen between 2.3 & 2.4. What could still happen is if you start 2.3 and re...
12:26 PM Kepler Bug #5495: released kepler should allow getting patches and changing suites from command line
Report the small fix and add/link to the 2.5 bug.
12:15 PM Kepler Bug #5487: blank modules.txt files created for non-suite modules
Needs to be tested and evaluated at the end of release cycle.
12:07 PM Kepler Bug #5440: special checkout behavior for hardcoded ptolemy module names
We agree that we will have a special Ptolemy II branch for each Kepler release. The branch should stay in the ptII re...
11:26 AM Kepler Bug #5485: standalone Module Manager can break Kepler app ability to startup
Not able to reproduce this. Will try more and close it if not reproducible.
11:22 AM Kepler Bug #5426: workflow lsid changes when running from command line
Added a command line option to stop it. Closed for 2.4 release. For 2.5, add a new bug with investigation of alternat...


11:50 AM Kepler Bug #5509: How do I run the demos
Enable the demos to show up in the actor tree with their full version.
Module demos should also be displayed.
11:47 AM Kepler Bug #5498: Issue a patch for ptolemy classpath problem in kepler-2.2
Won't fix. Use 2.3. If the patch is needed for 2.2, reopen the bug only to fix it.

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