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dtd filenames clash if reused for multiple PUBLIC identifiers

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Problem reported by Rod Spears:

Ok, this is partially intended behavior. Metacat takes the following attitude
towards establishing the relationship between a PUBLIC identifier/namespace and
an associated DTD or schema:

1) When a document is submitted, check its PUBLIC id/namespace
a) if it is not registered, then try to retrieve the DTD from
either the passed in parameters, or from the provided
SYSTEM identifier or from an xsi:schemaLocation. If schema
is obtained, cache it and record its location and the public
identifier. Fail with error if schema can't be obtained.
b) if we already have it registered, look up the cached version of
the schema and use it for validation, ignoring any data the
user passes in.

This means that the first submitted docuemnt with a given type determines the
DTD/schema used for validation for all subsequent documents submitted as that
type. This allows an administrator to pre-register several document types that
are important to him and be sure that any submitted documents are valid with
respect to the schema he provided. Metacat ships with several pre-registered
schemas and DTDs for EML.

So, your issue is this: the first time you registered the DTD, it uploaded the
ecogridregistry.205.22.dtd file to metacat's dtd cache. Later, when you tried
to upload a new document using a different public ID but the same system ID, it
tried to save the file ecogridregistry.205.22.dtd but found that it already
existed in the dtd cache, so it couldn't. This is a bug. There's no reason
that we should use the identical filename as is passed in to us for the dtd
filename, and so we should be gracefully renaming the DTD file when a name is
already in use. This hasn't cropped up before because we haven't had people
using the same DTD for different PUBLIC identifiers. You can work around it by
simply renaming your DTD (to anything other than its current name) and then
resubmitting. I'll file this as yet another bug -- yikes.

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