Bug #1823

Morpho Editor and saving network data packages

Added by Veronique Connolly over 17 years ago. Updated over 17 years ago.

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When a network data package is opened, and you open the Morpho Editor, and then
click OK (without even making any modification), sometimes you get an error
message (see below), sometimes you don’t.

“The saved document is not a valid EML2 for some reason. You can save it
locally and fix the problem later, but you will be unable to submit it to the
network storage system. Do you want to Continue Exiting the Editor?”)

Different things will happen when you try saving the package either locally or
on the network, depending on whether you got the error message in the Editor or not.

I tested a few datasets from the network and here are the two different chains
of events that happened:

1) For datasets nrs.301.1, nrs.300.1, obfs.149.1, and nceas.19.11:
a) Go to editor and click OK: no message.
b) Click on the save button: the Save Locally box is checked and the Save to
Network box is empty but can be checked (before I opened the Editor, if I tried
saving, the Save to Network option was not available). Different things happen
depending on what boxes you check:
- if both boxes are checked, no icons appear in the grey right corner of the
dp, and the dp doesn’t get saved either locally nor on the network (see comment
#2 of bug #1569).
- if only the Save to Network box is checked, the dp doesn’t get saved, which in
theory is what we want to happen, but we don’t get an error message saying that
it can’t be saved.
- if only the Save Locally button is checked, the local icon appears and the dp
is saved locally.
c) After saving the dp locally, if you try synchronizing it, an error message
“A conflict has been found in one or more of the identifiers in your package.
It is possible that you or someone else has made a change on the server that has
not been reflected on your local copy. If you proceed the identifier for this
package will be changed. Are you sure you want to proceed with the upload?”

If you click Yes, the dp’s docid is changed and the dp is saved both locally and
on the network. Saving to the network SHOULD NOT be allowed.

2) For datasets ces_dataset.160.1, .114.1, .115.1, .116.1, .117.1, and nrs.10.3,
.12.3, .114.3, .128.5
a) Go to editor and click OK: you get an error message (see first part of this
bug report). Click Yes to message.
b) When you try saving the same things happen as in 1b (see above), except for
the local save: after you click Yes for a Local save, the DP closes.
c) When you reopen the locally saved DP and try synchronizing it, the same
message as in 1c (above) appears, but when you click Yes, you get another error
message (see below) and Morpho freezes (the butterfly flaps its wings forever; I
waited several minutes and shut down from the Task Manager).

cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element ‘description” is not complete.
One of “{“”:section, “”:para}’ is expected.

Sorry for the long explanation. I am aware that there might be more than one
problem involved and I don’t know if there is any connection between the Editor
and saving a package, but I thought it would be best to describe the series of
events in one bug report rather than break it up into several reports.


#1 Updated by Veronique Connolly over 17 years ago

"If you click Yes, the dp’s docid is changed and the dp is saved both locally and
on the network. Saving to the network SHOULD NOT be allowed." (see just after
1c paragraph of bug report)

As discussed by Andrea and Matt, this cannot be avoided since it is a copy of
the dp that is created (with a different docid), which makes it normal to be
able to save it to the network.

#2 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 1823

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