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Rename "Look Inside" to "Open Actor"

Added by Laura Downey about 17 years ago. Updated over 16 years ago.

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rename "Look Inside" to "Open Actor" but don't show source code for atomic

[decision from May 2005 Estes Park mtg]

may need some clarification here -- what do we show when opening an atomic
actor or should we disable (grey out) this feature if an atomic actor is
selected - LLD


#1 Updated by Christopher Brooks about 17 years ago

The phrase "Look Inside" is quite prevalent in Ptolemy II docs and models.
We use "Look Inside" for looking inside actors and composite actors.
Thus, in the short term anyway, I'd like to stick with "Look Inside"
for Ptolemy II. However, Kepler should be able to have "Open Actor"

It sounds like the Kepler community would like to modify the UI so that
one cannot look at the source of atomic actors. Probably the thing to do
would be to modify so that it check
for an attribute in the configuration and then handles atomic actors specially.

If anyone wants to hack in ActorController, I'm all for it, especially
if they make it so the current "Look Inside" works in Ptolemy II and they
stick with the coding style.

Personally, I'm against not making the actor source code available, but
Kepler is a different project with different users and there are probably
good reasons to do it this way.

One side issue we discussed was having "Look Inside" look for the actor
source locally and then look on the website if the source could not be found.
This remote search should probably be configurable. The about:copyright feature
in uses a similar remote reference if the local file
cannot be found.

#2 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 16 years ago

I went ahead and made this change to
in both the Kepler and Ptoelmy trees
I also modified the short cut so that Control-O now opens the
actor instead of Control-L. If there is great hue and cry, I suppose
we could have both Control-O and Control-L but I don't see how to do

ActorController has a protected variable named _lookInsideAction which
I did not rename so as to preserve backward compatibility with
subclasses of this class.

I updated a few Ptolemy demos as well

These ptolemy classes:
all still have "Look Inside" because the "Look Inside" action looks
inside a Chic node or a transition or a state, which are all not
actors. Thus "Open Actor" does not make much sense in for those
classes. If someone has a strong opinion, I could change them as

Once the dust settles, I'll make a pass through the docs and fix up
references to "Look Inside". Until the Framemaker docs are fixed,
this bug should remain open.

#3 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 16 years ago

We are back to Control-L
This bug needs to have the docs updated before closing.

James Yeh suggests using F11, which is what the Eclipse debugger uses for Step

Laura writes:

If you look here:

You'll see what I've proposed for Kepler for a revamping of the menu system.
In it, Ctrl-O is used for Open File, and as Edward has noted this is fairly
standard in Windows and some other systems/programs. When I reviewed the
shortcuts, I looked at several programs to see what the common shortcut
usages were.

I am proposing "O" as a mnemonic for the "Open Actor" item but I did not
provide a shortcut simply because it is not needed since we had decided to
go with double clicking an actor as opening it.

I am also proposing ctrl++ and ctrl+- as shortcuts for zoom in and zoom out.
These are also pretty standard across many programs. They do not appear in
my design because the program I'm using for prototyping wouldn't allow me to
specify those special characters (+ and -) as shortcuts.

BTW, ctrl+A is most often used for Select All in Microsoft I believe even
though I proposed using it for Save As which I've seen in some programs and
because right now we don't have a "Select All" in Kepler. "A" is usually
the mnemonic for Save As so that was an attempt to match the same letter.

Edward writes:

I think we should stick with Windows conventions as much as possible...
I actually put a great deal of thought into the shortcuts to try to get
them to match Microsoft standards as much as possible and to have matching
mnemonics... This was probably one reason for calling this "Look Inside".
But I too like "Open Actor" better...

So I suggest rolling back to Control-L...

#4 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 16 years ago

I'm closing this bug because I updated the framemaker files.
The images on the files need to be updated as well, but this should
wait until other UI work is completed.

#5 Updated by Christopher Brooks over 16 years ago

Personally, I like having Zoom Reset be Ctrl+= because Zoom In is actually
Ctrl+Shift-+, and + and = are the same key.
I can see why Ctrl+m would be a good choice though because Ctrl-m is
usually carriage return and in effect we are returning the Zoom to what it was.

As an experiment, I've modified BasicGraphFrame so that we now use Ctrl-m.

I think I'd like to keep Cntrl-F being bring to front.
I agree with Shawn in that full screen is not often used. I've also seen
users accidentally put programs in to full screen mode and get totally
flustered, so I think the full screen mode should not have a keyboard shortcut.

Laura wrote:

For Kepler, I've proposed:

Zoom Reset Ctrl+M
Zoom In Ctrl++
Zoom Out Ctrl+-
Zoom Fit (no shortcut proposed)
Full Screen Ctrl+F
Automate Layout Ctrl+T

So, the ctrl++ and ctrl+- are good for zoom in and zoom out.

As a side note, I've proposed some variations upon the original
Ptolemy menus for Kepler and therefore some variations on the
mnemonics and shortcuts followed in terms of trying to get
everything coordinated. For menus, I was trying to give a more
standard set of menu items grouped like users would expect in terms
of using other desktop applications.

And I've added some standard menu items and some convenience
functions like Close, Close All, list of most recently opened
workflows, and a Windows menu to more easily navigate between
several workflows open at a time, and also menu items that pertain
to functionality that Kepler is adding e.g., to support semantic

For reference:

So because of this I had to re-organize the mnemonics and shortcuts
and it was quite a task to walk through every single item (which it
sounds like Edward did in the original Ptolemy also) and make sure I
was using the standards like ctrl+0 for open, and assigning
meaningful shortcuts (trying to use a letter within menu item it is
associated with).

Edward wrote:

The current bindings in Ptolemy II are:

Zoom Reset Ctrl+=
Zoom In Ctrl++
Zoom Out Ctrl+-
Zoom Fit Ctrl+_ (Ctrl-Shift--)
Full Screen no binding
Automate Layout Ctrl+T

Note that I would not use Ctrl+F for Full Screen...
It is currently bound to "bring to front", which is a fairly common
choice in graphics software, and is far more commonly needed than
Full Screen.

Shawn wrote:

In addition to Edward's comments ... control-f is commonly
used in web browsers and other apps to mean "find". (Note, I'm
assuming you mean a lower-case 'f' here). Note that a find
command for a workflow (e.g., to find all occurrences of an
actor, possibly nested many layers down) would be really useful,
and in my opinion ctrl+f should be reserved for this functionality.

I've only a couple of times used full-screen in Kepler -- mainly
to see what it does. I doubt it will be used often. The one
application where I do use full screen a bunch is in Adobe Acrobat,
where ctrl+l is used (... why this binding is used, I'm not sure)

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