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File name conflict resolution when using same scope on different computers

Added by Will Tyburczy almost 17 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

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One example of the problem: I had a eml document adler.3.15, which happens not
to have had a .1 version saved on metacat. This document has data tables
adler.4.1, adler.5.1 adler.6.1 and adler.7.1. I download this from metacat onto
a second computer with a newly downloaded version of morpho. I edit this dp
using a profile that also uses the "adler" scope, and start importing new data
tables. The newly added tables come in as adler.1.1, adler2.1, adler.3.1, etc.
When I import the table that would be adler.4.1, everything seems fine until I
try to do a local save. The data table is not imported into the .morpho
directory because a adler.5.1 already exists. After saving, when I look at the
that table in morpho, the column headings and metadata for the new table are
correct, but the data in the table are those of the original adler.4.1 . Morpho
does not give any indication that the data from the newly imported table weren't
saved correctly.

There are other similar issues that seem to be cropping up from using the same
scope for files on different computers.

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