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[RFE] saved queries

Added by Matt Jones over 21 years ago. Updated over 20 years ago.

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It would be pretty easy to implemet a "saved queries" feature where a user could
save a pathquery document to disk so that it could be rerun at a later date. We
should probably save all of the queries in "lib/saved-queries" and then update
the lib/config.xml file with a <savedquery file="q001.xml>Title of the
query</savedquery> entry for each of the saved queries. The title would be
cached in the config file so that the Search menu could display menu items for
all of the saved queries without having to read each of the query files. When
the menu item is fired, we would retrieve the pathquery from disk and execute
it, bypassing the QueryDialog. Note that because pathqueries are XML documents,
it would also be possible to save these on the network using Metacat, possibly
as part of a user profile scheme.

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Blocks Morpho - Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho frameworkResolvedDan Higgins04/09/2001

Actions #1

Updated by Matt Jones over 21 years ago

Began work on the "saved queries" feature. This basically allows the user to
click on the new "Save" icon in the result panel and the query will be saved as
an XML doc in their profile directory. It is also added to the "Search" menu so
that the query can be re-run again. The serialization is working, but the
re-execution of the query from the menu item is not yet implemented. Also, the
QueryPlugin should load the user's queries when the profile changes, which isn't
implemented yet. Note that saved queries are not listed in the profile.xml or
config.xml files, but rather are just resident in the profiles/username/queries

TODO: Load queries to menu on startup & on profile change.
Run queries from Search menu.

Actions #2

Updated by Matt Jones over 21 years ago

Done. Queries can now be saved into a user's profile, and when they are saved,
they are added to the "Search" menu of morpho. Selecting the query from the
Search menu launches the query. Revising the query and resaving it replaces the
saved query with the new version. After quitting morpho, the user's saved
queries will automatically be loaded into the "Search" menu when they re-launch
morpho. Thus, someone can configure a complex query and run it across multiple
sessions. Switching to a new user profile changes the menu items in the Search
menu to the new user's saved queries.

Some additional features could be added, but I determined that they are not
worth the effort at this time:
1) ability to delete queries (through the GUI)
2) ability to duplicate a query, modify it, and save it under a new id
Implementing these features wouldn't be too hard, but would complicate the user
interface. If users request them we can revisit the issue.

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