From 05/15/2001 to 06/13/2001


09:12 PM Bug #232: [RFE] saved queries
Done. Queries can now be saved into a user's profile, and when they are saved,
they are added to the "Search" menu o...
Matt Jones


01:24 PM Bug #201: add https support to client framework
All metacat communication is now handled through methods in ClientFramework.
Need to add https (SSL) support. Reass...
Matt Jones
01:56 AM Bug #236 (Resolved): improve handling of query options
QueryDialog currently hard codes the "casesensitive" query option and does not
allow the user to set and control man...
Matt Jones
01:52 AM Bug #215: need query composition module
Done. Queries can now be composed using the API found in the Query class, and
the QueryDialog class is able to combin...
Matt Jones
01:43 AM Bug #198: morpho should submit a reivisionid with updates
Reassigned to berkley because all of the accession # handling is being done by
the datapackage package.
Matt Jones
01:41 AM Bug #216: combine subject and "all text" query screens
Done. This is now reflected in the redesigned "Subject" tab of the query dialog. Matt Jones
01:31 AM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Fixed the linux bug (order of operations problem).
Fixed LocalQuery, so it now queries the data in the users profile....
Matt Jones
01:24 AM Bug #232: [RFE] saved queries
Began work on the "saved queries" feature. This basically allows the user to
click on the new "Save" icon in the res...
Matt Jones


08:28 PM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Bug on linux: new profile feature on Morpho startup always results in Morpho
exiting because, for some reason, it thi...
Matt Jones
08:25 PM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Further work on the new profiles feature of morpho.
Now, upon morpho startup, we check to see if there
was a profi...
Matt Jones


01:27 PM Bug #202: new config management/profile feature for morpho framework
Reassigned to jones because this feature is needed for implementing saved queries. Matt Jones
10:14 AM Bug #210: redesign and implement XML editing/display component
Dan is actually working on this anyway, so I've re-assigned it to him. Chris Jones


02:49 PM Bug #165: taxonomic search facility
Created the "itislib" module, which contains a Java library for doing ITIS
searches. itislib allows one to search fo...
Matt Jones


06:58 PM Bug #165: taxonomic search facility
Basic taxonomic string matching implemented in the QueryDialog class. Need to
do term expansion and synonym lookup u...
Matt Jones


03:20 PM Bug #218: need query execution module
Finished. The Query class encapsulates the constraints that should be used for
searching, and contains an "execute()"...
Matt Jones
03:17 PM Bug #214: Redesign query plugin
Query package has now redesign and contains the QueryPlugin, QueryDialog, Query,
QueryGroup, and QueryTerm classes. ...
Matt Jones
03:12 PM Bug #219: need ResultSet handling UI
Refresh and Revise buttons now work properly. Queries are reloaded into the
query dialog when revise is hit, or simp...
Matt Jones
03:10 PM Bug #203: new UI layout for the top-level container
Finished redesign. Top level container now shows the data sets for the owner.
Query results only include dataset ty...
Matt Jones


01:44 PM Bug #158: Result set counter
Added counter to ResultPanel. Matt Jones
01:29 PM Bug #164: Add Browse Data Tab functionality
*** Bug 90 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Matt Jones
10:32 AM Bug #164: Add Browse Data Tab functionality
Owner query now populates the main morpho window and runs by default. Browse
data tab no longer in the plans.
Matt Jones
01:29 PM Bug #90: need data "browse" capability
Same functionality requested and privided by bug 164. This is fixed, and is a
*** This bug has been mark...
Matt Jones
10:29 AM Bug #200: New top-level container framework
Completed new framework architecture. Now both plugins and abstract services
are supported.
Matt Jones

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