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Table metadata lost when trying to import codes from second file

Added by Will Tyburczy over 17 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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Morpho seems to be exiting out of not only the table import for the secondary
table containing the codes for an enumerated domain, but also the main table
being imported, if the second file imported is not a text file. This can
result in the loss of a lot of effort (in a recent case, 3 hours worth). To
reproduce this bug:

- Create a column that's "nominal" or "ordinal" with an enumerated domain (or
edit an existing column of taht type)
- Select "codes are imported from another table" and click "locate"
- Select "Import the table definitions into morpho later" and click "ok"
- When done documenting all the columns for the table, you will be asked to
import the code definitions for that column
- Select "the table containing the definitions needs to be imported into Morpho"
- Select "Automatic" for the type of import and click "Locate"
- Select a file that is not a text file (like an excel file) and click "Next"

At this point you will get a messge saying "The selected file is NOT a text
file!". When you click ok, you will be thrown out of the import of not only the
code definition table, but the main table as well, losing all you work. If you
select an inappropriate file for the code definition table, it should only exit
out of the import for that table, possibly prompting you to select another file.
You should not lose all the information you put in for the main table.

Actions #1

Updated by Jing Tao about 14 years ago

move to 1.7.1

Actions #2

Updated by ben leinfelder over 13 years ago

as part of the save-for-later enhancements recently made, this is no longer a problem.
After the message indicating the code table is not a text file, the wizard remains on the same screen allowing you to select an alternate file that contains the code definitions. no previous metadata is lost

Actions #3

Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2379


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