From 02/08/2006 to 03/09/2006


01:53 PM Bug #2379 (Resolved): Table metadata lost when trying to import codes from second file
Morpho seems to be exiting out of not only the table import for the secondary
table containing the codes for an enum...
Will Tyburczy
11:55 AM Bug #1211: add serialization to steps in DataPackage Wizard
Today a Morpho user who had spent 3 hours entering in information regarding her
data set had Morpho crash when trying...
Callie Bowdish


03:32 PM Bug #2366 (Resolved): Selecting attributes in a table is slow
Displaying the attribute level metadata for a column of a data table is really
slow (on the order of a few seconds)....
Will Tyburczy


02:43 PM Bug #2280: methodStep creation error
I think this would be a good one to fix because it looks like something that
people would commonly run into. I ran in...
Callie Bowdish


02:54 PM Bug #2360 (Resolved): Document Identifier Conflict Resolution
Currently, Morpho uses the <scope> and <lastId> to generate the next document
id for any new document. When saving ...
Will Tyburczy


10:29 AM Bug #2353 (Resolved): screenshot missing in Morpho Help files I just
updated this location with what I thi...
Callie Bowdish


03:31 PM Bug #1833: morpho should support eml-2.0.1
This was waiting on the eml-2.0.1 prompt bug which is now closed. P. Anderson
03:30 PM Bug #2221: prompt user to convert eml200 packages to eml201
After confering with MJ, the xmlns:ds attribute is a bit of a fluke related to
old jscientist documents and there is ...
P. Anderson

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