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Evaluate: Map plots with one click from plot-result-set

Added by Michael Lee over 16 years ago. Updated over 16 years ago.

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I was interested in poissible deeplinks to maps of plots with taxa. Can this be done? I
do a search for Quercus alba on the quick seach and get 200+ plots. Then I need to put
in the cart, and then go to download, and then to map. No deeplink?

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Updated by Michael Lee over 16 years ago

This is mostly done, but there are a few issues outstanding.

1) how many plots can permissibly be mapped?
2) should user see X plots, then click "ok" to continue mapping?
2a) what number should X be?
2b) should X be configurable?
2c) should user be able to turn off the confirm box, if they are willing to deal with slow browser while 10000 plots are mapped?

3) I have added some error bar showing so that error estimates may be mapped. IE doesn't seem to like it though.

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Updated by Michael Lee over 16 years ago

I have answered the bits from above as following:

100 plots are mapped at a time. After 100 plots are mapped, the interface asks you if you want to keep mapping. If you do, it keeps going, otherwise it stops. This is only half the answer, as all the plots are initially loaded, so it still could get pretty big, even if you cancel the mapping. But big in terms of a large page to load, not a large map to deal with.

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Updated by Michael Lee over 16 years ago

This is done. I convert this bug into an "Evaluate" bug where someone should make sure that this does as we want it to.

On aldo:

click the front page map to see some plots, or run a query (any plot query).
Then from the results page, there is a link at the top to map those plots.

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