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Server errors; incompatability with Windows 2000 OS

Added by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago. Updated almost 15 years ago.

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This bug is essentially a duplicate of Bug 2608 (originally #27)

Weakley asks “Why does the search crap out when one limits the sources? If I ask only for one data layer I get a "Unable to display MapService" error message.” I have tried this on several computers and have not duplicated his problem. Please check a few computers (including Alan’s) and see if you can deduce the cause of the problem.

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Blocked by InfoVeg - Bug #2608: 27. Browser compatibility testingClosed10/27/2006


#1 Updated by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago

This bug is originally from "other ideas and observations from Peet and Weakley"

#2 Updated by Robert Peet almost 16 years ago

Seiberling reported "When using the Firefox browser, the map page gives an error message, “Unable to display MapService”, if one tries to redraw the map using a subset of the data sources. The map then does not display the updated legend. I’ve gotten the same error message when redrawing the map using the Firefox browser on three different computers, including the two in the Herbarium camera room. Xianhua would be welcome to test on the camera room computers."

Peet reported "I have been unable to replicate this error. I played around with FireFox and all seemed to work fine."

Further investigation by Seiberling and Giencke suggested an OS incompatability. They report "The site produces error messages and crashes when using Internet Explorer 6 (the highest version that seems to run on computers with Windows 2000). This is the case on the IBM computer in the Herbarium camera room." The current interpretation is that this results from using Windows 2000 rather than Windows XP. We need to correct the problem and make sure it does not occur on any recent versions of Windows or Apple OS.

#3 Updated by Xianhua Liu almost 16 years ago

I will go back to this multi-platforms and multi-browsers soppurt issue later. It works fine on my Windows XP IMB desktop in both IE 6.0 and Mozilla 1.7.6.

#4 Updated by xianhua liu over 15 years ago


#5 Updated by Robert Peet over 15 years ago

Currently the only incompatability known is with Netscape 6 on Win 2000.
FireFox 2 and IE6 both work with Win 2000, and everything seems to work with Win XP. -- Low priority as this combination in not widespread.

#6 Updated by Robert Peet almost 15 years ago

Fixed sufficiently

#7 Updated by Robert Peet almost 15 years ago

will not do any more

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Original Bugzilla ID was 2618

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