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saving to actor library from kepler no longer consistently works and port information is lost

Added by Shawn Bowers almost 17 years ago. Updated over 16 years ago.

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It appears as though some new issues have cropped up w.r.t. the kepler actor library, in particular:

- when actors are added to the library from the canvas, they sometimes do not appear in the library, sometimes require a change in another actor to appear, and sometimes require kepler to be restarted to appear. I haven't nailed down exactly what sequence of events are causing this / needed to make an actor show up.

- input/output port properties are no longer saved when an actor is saved to a library (and dragged back to the canvas). This includes port data types as well as port semantic types. The same holds (i.e., port information is lost) when an actor is built via buildkarlib as well.

- the actor library interface appears to have changed, e.g., calling entityList() returns a null pointer (it seems ...)

The above behavior occurs on a fresh cvs checkout ...


Actions #1

Updated by Chad Berkley over 16 years ago

I'll have to check this out more. We just used this during the training workshop and this functionality worked well. More information on reproduction of these errors would help us nail this down.

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Updated by Dan Higgins over 16 years ago

Some preliminary tests indicated that the indicated problems occur when a second actor is added, after the first actor added works fine.

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Updated by Dan Higgins over 16 years ago

Problems can be seen if one follows this sequence:
1) Create a customized RExpression actor called Test1. Add to library. Actor appears in tree just as it should
2) Createanother customized RExpression actor called Test2. Add to library. Actor DOES NOT appear in tree.
3) Shut down Kepler and restart. create another customized RExpression actor called Test3. Add to library. Now Test3 AND Test2 appear in tree where they should!. Test2 was created but does not appear until Kepler is restarted and another actor added!

It appears that the first actor after restart get added immediately but subsequent actors do no show up.

Dan Higgins - Jan 2008

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Updated by Chad Berkley over 16 years ago

I've verified that dan's way of reproducing this works. Not sure what the issue is.

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Updated by Chad Berkley over 16 years ago

This is now fixed. It was caused when the actor library was rebuilt after an update. the actorLibrary entity was set to null for the refresh, but then never reset to the new entity. this was compounded by the fact that a return was used to trap an error case, but no error message was thrown or displayed. this is also now fixed.

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Updated by Redmine Admin over 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2978


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