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Refactor NMI build

Added by Chad Berkley almost 16 years ago. Updated almost 15 years ago.

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The NMI build needs to be refactored in several ways after the release. Here's the list of things I think needs to be done before we get rid of the old build:

1) Add support for the junit and workflow tests
2) update it so that it builds the installer for all platforms and moves it to our server
3) Change the build so it only checks out the 4 pdf files from kepler-docs that are needed for the installer, instead of checking out all of kepler-docs
4) Possibly optimize it so that it creates the installer specifically for each platform. Not sure if this is needed.

Add other wants/needs to this bug and I'll get them implemented after the release.

Actions #1

Updated by Chad Berkley almost 15 years ago

Need to change the NMI build so that tests run under the test stage instead of the build stage. Make sure all tests are getting executed.

Actions #2

Updated by Chad Berkley almost 15 years ago

In the process of getting the NMI build working for the kepler suite. I'm also getting it to build the installers and scp them to the dist/nightly directory on ceres.

Actions #3

Updated by Chad Berkley almost 15 years ago

JUnit tests now work but they still run in the 'build' stage instead of the 'test' stage. I don't think this is a big deal, but since NMI has this distinction, we should probably use it. Looking into this after I get the scp of the installer working.

Actions #4

Updated by Chad Berkley almost 15 years ago

I've created a new build task 'nmi' to build an NMI configuration for any given suite. It works like this:

You run 'ant nmi -Dsuite=XXX' where XXX is the suite you want to build the NMI build for. The build goes through and creates all of the NMI configuration files needed to run the NMI build for that suite. It also creates an installer. After you've run the ant task, you'll get a new directory in the build-area/resources/nmi/runs directory that will correspond to your suite name. Inside are all of the files needed for the NMI build, including an file. Check this entire directory into SVN.

Next go to the NMI submit host and checkout that directory into the mbjones home directory. change into that directory and run the file. It should create all of the symlinks needed in the ~mbjones directory. You can then schedule the nmi job with 'nmi_submit XXX-submit'.

Actions #5

Updated by Chad Berkley almost 15 years ago

The NMI build has been refactored and is working. Any suite can now have a build via the NMI task in the build. Closing this bug.

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