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initial profile creation does not list all organizations from LDAP

Added by Matt Jones over 15 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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When users first start Morpho, they must create a profile and choose from the organizations listed in the dropdown, which does not include all of the organizations in LDAP. This list is only updated when the Access control list is refreshed from the Access information dialog. We need to change this so that the accesslist.xml is refreshed the first time that morpho starts (but not upon every startup which is too time consuming). This needs to occur before the New Profile... dialog is shown so that users can choose an organization from the refreshed list.

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Updated by ben leinfelder over 15 years ago

Would it be too onerous for the new user to push a button ("Refresh Organization List") when they are making a new profile and see that their organization is not on the existing list? It's probably a nice thing to have such a button anyway and saves us the hassle of determining how often Morpho should refresh its list (since it would be silly to do it on start up every time as you say).

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Updated by Shaun Walbridge over 15 years ago

Another alternative (though perhaps overengineering the problem) -- generate a revision number of the list, have Morpho just check its number against the current one serverside. One packet each way, and the update process only happens if these lists differ.

This'll also avoid having the first startup as a special case.

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Updated by Matt Jones over 15 years ago

There is no list server side - its just an XML serialization of an LDAP query, including distributed referral LDAPs. So, any addition or deletion to any LDAP server in the KNB network could trigger a needed change to the list. When Sid did the Access control list refresh button, we decided it was good enough to let the user choose when to refresh -- usually when the account they were looking for does not exist (although it also refreshes the first time the Access dialog is opened in Morpho just to sync up the first time no matter what). A similar 'Refresh list' option might work well for the profile dialog. I wonder if it should also be exposed as a menu item so that a user can refresh the list anytime Morpho is open, and not just when they are in the Profile or Access control dialogs?

Actions #4

Updated by Jing Tao about 14 years ago

move to 1.7.1

Actions #5

Updated by ben leinfelder almost 14 years ago

added a "Refresh" button in the "New Profile" dialog

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Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 3243


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