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need for 'Guest;/Public' log in

Added by Dan Higgins almost 22 years ago. Updated over 20 years ago.

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Some recent discussions with Eric indicate that the concept of "Metacat
Login" seen in the first Morpho screen is somewhat confusing since one can
choose to NOT login yet still search Metacat. This is related to the problem of
knowing when one is 'logged in", when the internet is available, and when one is
just working locally. Perhaps a default user of 'guest' or 'visitor' should be
indicated and this allows the user to search Metacat (the current default when
one does NOT login. Skipping login would then indicate purely local use, while
entering a user name/password would cause 'log-in' as it is now understood. -
Just a thought for the future.


Goog points. How about changing the "Skip login" button (later) to be "Login as
Guest" or "Work as Guest" or something similar? Earlier (many moons/versions
ago) people had to provide the phrase "public" in the usernmae field to log in
as a guest. Now that the username field is gone, maybe we can make it clearer
that the "Skip login" button actually makes you work anonymously as the "public"
user, which we might call a "Guest" in some venues.

Could somebody (Dan?, Eric?) enter this conversation in Bugzilla as a TODO? Thanks.


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Updated by Eric Fegraus almost 22 years ago

I wanted to add another note to this bug. After working with the documentation
it becomes a little confusing to explain succinctly what the average ecologist
is connecting to. Is it Metacat "a server(s) that acts as a metadata catalog",
a collection of servers (metacats) that "serve as a metadata catalog", or is it
the KNB via a metacat, etc.? Let me know if that doesn't make sense. Just
think we want to nail down these definitions a bit more.


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Updated by Matt Jones about 21 years ago

Lets get this resolved -- its mainly an issue of rearranging the interface to be
more intuitive, so shouldn't be too hard (ie, no funtionality changes).

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Updated by Dan Higgins over 20 years ago

I think that most of the issues mentioned here have really been resolved with
the current interface. Thus marking as resolved.

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Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

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