Eric Fegraus





03:54 PM Morpho Bug #1522 (In Progress): Morpho Update
It would be cool if the user knew there was a new version of Morpho available
for download from the ecoinformatics....
10:00 AM Morpho Bug #1518 (Resolved): Data Table Import Wizard
More examples are needed here...what categories/units/precision are species
presence/abscene (e.g. 0 or 1), plot nu...
08:29 AM Morpho Bug #1514 (Resolved): Citation DPW
Adding in citations during the taxonomic screen. The "Mo...." buttons are a
little confusing? Why are there two of ...
08:20 AM Morpho Bug #1512 (Resolved): Taxon Import
Going through DPW RC2. Import taxa from the taxonomic screen doesn't clearly
say when or how you import a species ...


09:16 AM Metacat Bug #412 (Resolved): Detecting Test Packages on Metacat
I was just trying to clear out a few of my old test packages and noticed that
several others had made test packages...


10:58 AM Morpho Bug #384 (Resolved): Table Description Scroll Bar
Added about 10 tables and there wasn't a scroll bar. They get lost below the
box. Tried expanding window but still ...
10:38 AM Morpho Bug #383 (Resolved): Password Security
The password is shown in its entirety in the Java window as you are logging
into metacat. Not sure how secure this...


10:53 AM Morpho Bug #372: need for 'Guest;/Public' log in
I wanted to add another note to this bug. After working with the documentation
it becomes a little confusing to exp...


12:16 PM Morpho Bug #368 (Resolved): Morpho windows won't close
After conducting three or so searches I'm not able to close the search results
boxes. From this point on morpho wi...

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