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wrapping up, never ending workflow! (PN inside PN)

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[I'm going through my email logs looking for bugs that have
not really been solved.]

The problem is that a trivial example of PN inside PN
results in a "wrapping up" message and never terminates.

In January, 2009, Edward responded to email from Josep Maria Campanera.

Edward wrote:

In theory, PN inside PN should behave exactly as if the inside PN director
were not present. Why not just delete it?

It is arguably a bug that the PN director doesn't tolerate
PN opaque actors. I think I tried to fix that once, but never
got it fixed...


Josep Maria Campanera Alsina wrote:

Dear all,
I've found out that the error comes from the fact of using a PN
director as an opaque director inside a worflow managed by another PN
director! Somehow this problem is related to "Director compatibility"

So I've decided to simplify the workflow and use a model workflow just
in order someone can find a trick to run it succesfully. The main idea
is ¿How can we can continue the execution of a workflow after the
execution of an opaque composite actors with PN director inside when
the overall director is an PN one?

In the attached example (exampleCompositeActors.xml), I cannot get a
"Execution finished" but the Kepler shows the "wrapping up" signal or
alternatively a permament "executing" signal although apparently
nothing is running (only finished partly). No error message is

Which worflow design I should adopt? What Am I doing wrong? How Can I
pursue my aim to execute PN composite actors sequentially?

All help appreciated!

Josep Maria Campanera,

PS1: I use Kepler Release 1.0.0 (May 2008) under Linux
PS2: Thanks Edward for your comments,

2009/1/14 Edward A. Lee <>:

This is not a situation where it is refusing to terminate because of
unconsumed tokens. Typically, this is called by a deadlock. If you
are running on a Windows machine from the command line, you can get
a stack trace of all the executing threads by typing control-break.
If you forward that to this list, we can (maybe) identify
the culprit...


Josep Maria Campanera Alsina wrote:

Dear all,
I get a "wrapping up" message from an execution of a workflow that
coordinates the submission of computational chemistry jobs in a
cluster queue system. The workflow is based on the
TestJobFullCycle-SGE.xml provided by kepler itself, with some
variations. Find attached the mentioned workflows.

My workflow is a composite one. I'd like to execute sequentially
several tasks: 1st) submit jobs to a cluster, 2nd) collect all outputs
and save them locally and then 3rd) convert output files to other
formats. Since some tasks are designed for PN director and some for
SDF director the overall director is a PN director.

However, the task under the PN director (in charge of job submission)
never finishes tough the task is already completed and early shows the
message "wrapping up", so the execution never finish step 1st and 2nd
so the 3rd is never executed. Why PN director doesn't finish the task?
How Can I stop the director and allow the workflow to continue?

I think the problem is related to the PN director that as said in the
user manual "may refuse to automatically terminate because tokens are
always generated and available to downstream actors"! Here it comments
that "One can correct the problem by changing the firingCountLimit
parameter of the Constant actor to some finite value". If done that
but it continues with the same problem.

How can I overcome this? all comment will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Josep Maria,


exampleCompositeActors.xml (115 KB) exampleCompositeActors.xml Christopher Brooks, 07/20/2009 05:49 PM
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Model from Josep Maria Campanera Alsina. The model runs
and then never terminates, it gets stuck on "wrapping up"

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