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add additional entity types to EML

Added by Matt Jones over 21 years ago. Updated almost 21 years ago.

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The current eml-entity module describes two types of entities: table-entities
and other-entities. Ultimately I think we need to be able to describe several
other specific types of entities, particularly spatial images and various GIS

General image support may also be useful (e.g., for jpg, gif, etc) so that photo
quadrats and other types of images used as data and metadata can easily be
included. We may be able to easily accomodate many of these generic entity
types but utilizing a MIME-type label (e.g., image/gif) in the entityType field,
although there may also be need for additional metadata for these entity types.


spatialReference.xsd (90.8 KB) spatialReference.xsd Peter McCartney, 05/20/2002 03:02 PM
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Updated by Peter McCartney over 21 years ago

I think we should consider whether photos should an entity type under dataset
or bumped up to the level of resource. The way we handle them at CES (which is
still in development) is as a resource equivalent to Literature or dataset. We
then key them to projects or datasets. You could still link as part of a
dataset the same way we link literature now.

I'm meeting with a student to go over our planned photo catalog next week, so
maybe we can experiment with drafting an EMLphoto module similar to EML

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Updated by Peter McCartney about 21 years ago

Here is an updates spatial reference. shortnames changed to long,
eml-documentation added (tooltip, summary, and source). moduleDocumentation not
yet added.

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Updated by Peter McCartney about 21 years ago

Ok im working on two files - spatialVector and spatialRaster (the latter will
merge grid and image since both esri and the iso 19115.3 seem be viewing images
as raster data with additional image and band descriptors). i have a couple
questions for Chad:

you created a dataQuality complex type in eml-entity which is used for both
horizonalAccuracy and verticalAccuracy. you added attributeAccuracy in eml-
attribute but implented the content model locally rather than importing the
complext type. Should we be consistent on this - ie should i just implement the
accuracy elements locally in each of the spatial models or should we leave the
complex type in eml-entity and change attribute.xsd so that in imports the same

If we drop the complex type from eml-entity, then should we also drop the
spatialRepresentation complex type since the only thing it brings in is
spatialRepresentationType (which is really redundant with the module names)

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Updated by Matt Jones almost 21 years ago

DONE. Added types for spatialRaster, spatialVector, view, and storedProcedure.

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