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Convert otherEntity from registry to dataTable

Added by Jing Tao over 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Currently, the web page registry generates eml document with otherEntity entity. But morpho mainly handle dataTable entity. So we need a mechanism to convert otherEntity to datatTable.

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Updated by ben leinfelder about 13 years ago

reassign/target (semtools)

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Updated by ben leinfelder almost 13 years ago

I'm wading through the various wizard screens to get the workflow to make sense. Almost there.

The basic gist is this:
"Data>Convert entity to data table..."
-the currently selected entity is used as the file for the data import wizard.
-you go through the wizard and complete it.
What I don't have is a delete mechanism for the otherEntity you started with. Moreover, it's currently disabled to delete non-dataTable entities (i think i will change that). i think we can just make the user delete the original otherEntity when they are satisfied that it was converted.

Another note: the stylesheet (right hand window) doesn't seem to handle mixed dataTable/otherEntity elements in the <dataset> parent. It correctly displays the first type (say, otherEntity is entity #0) but not the second (dataTable as entity #5). This should be fixed to handle mixed types so that you can see the result of your conversion (since it is added to the end of the entities list).

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Updated by ben leinfelder almost 13 years ago

conversion now works, which is to say the entity wizard can be launched and pre-populated with the otherEntity data file.
TODO: fix stylesheet so that a mix of otherEntity/dataTable entities can be displayed

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Updated by ben leinfelder over 12 years ago

I tracked down the "stylesheet error" that was preventing mixed entities from being displayed. Turns out the stylesheet uses entity index grouped by the entity type so that if you had 3 entities such that the first was a dataTable and the others were otherEntities, then you'd need to call the stylesheet for the otherEntity element as either 1 or 2 (not 2 or 3) (yes, it's 1-basd indexing).
Long story short, I modified Morpho to set the stylesheet parameters correctly for the given entity being displayed - this means we don't have to change/test the existing eml stylesheets since they all work with this index grouping scheme.

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Updated by ben leinfelder over 12 years ago

First section of "Data" menu now has these options:
Create/Import New Data Table...
Replace Current Data...
Convert Data to Table...
Delete Current Data Entity
Edit Data Access

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Updated by ben leinfelder over 12 years ago

you can now delete any entity, not just data tables

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