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have to manually click Build to rename repositories

Added by Oliver Soong almost 14 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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If I open the Components Sources dialog and change the name of one of the sources, then click Ok, the changes are not applied, which isn't the normal behavior of Ok. I have to click Build first, then Ok. Since Build is triggered when clicking Ok after adding or removing a repository, it seems like there just needs to be some improvements made to the change detection logic.

For that matter, do we really need a separate Build and Ok button? Maybe an Ok and Apply button, where the Apply is the current Build button. That would be more in line with a typical dialog.

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Updated by Aaron Aaron almost 14 years ago

Thanks Oliver, I'll get the name changing fixed asap.

The build button was named because it will rebuild the whole library, the cache, and all indexes used with the library even if you havn't made a change to any of the sources. It is a useful function to have if, say someone externally adds a kar to a local repository and wants it to show up in their library without having to restart the application. Or if for any reason their Kepler library is out of sync with the KAR files found in their local repositories.

An Apply button implies that only changes you have made will be saved and the dialog will remain open. I don't know, I'm all for making that button say something more useful but I don't know that apply is the right term there. Anyone have other ideas?

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Updated by Oliver Soong almost 14 years ago

Oh, since I saw the Refresh item in the right-click menu on the components tree, I assumed that would be how to update the cache with new content in a repository. I do see how the Build button can be useful at the moment, but that isn't the first thing I thought to try. It's also a useful trick given the weird stuff I've been doing lately, and it could save me a lot of time restarting Kepler.

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Updated by Aaron Aaron almost 14 years ago

So this only happens if the cell is still in editing mode when you press the OK button. If you hit return or click somewhere else in the table then the change is recognized. There is another funniness here... if you start editing the name but do not change the name and press enter then an error pops up telling you there is already a repository with that name.

Neither of these are serious bugs so putting this on the back burner for now...

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