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report "lost" from KAR

Added by Oliver Soong over 14 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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In the process of tracking down another bug, I came across some odd behavior. I'm not sure what the exact trigger is.

1. I first save a trivial workflow (1 SDF, 1 RExpression, and 1 Display) and a trivial report (RExpression.graphicsFileName) into a KAR. Because of bug 4569, I close and re-open the workflow.
2. In the workflow, delete the Display actor. In the report, add RExpression.output. File->Save Archive (KAR). I usually save to a separate file. The report should still be there.
3. Without restarting Kepler, close the workflow and open the second KAR. The report should be gone.
4. Without restarting Kepler, close the workflow and open the first KAR. The report should also be gone.
5. Without closing the workflow, open the first KAR again. The report should appear again, but only in one window.

The ROML exists in all KAR files.

Actions #1

Updated by ben leinfelder over 14 years ago

I actually get the report showing in the first KAR whenever I open it.
I notice that the second KAR does not show the ROML in the component tree view even though the manifest has it listed. It does show up in the first KAR.
Hopefully when the tree view shows the contents of both KARs correctly the report layout will open as expected.

I should mention that it is still the same workflow in both KARs and I did notice that once I'd opened the first KAR, opening the second KAR showed me the report layout.
I also noticed that the report layout shown is the last one that was opened - so If I open the first KAR first, then the second KAR I end up seeing the same report layout (from the first KAR).

Actions #2

Updated by ben leinfelder about 14 years ago

I believe r22198 will eliminate this problem. You should be able to open different KARs with different versions of the layout and see those versions. The caveat is that if it's the same workflow open in multiple windows, you'll only see the report layout for the last one that was opened...this is the 1:1 problem with wf:report layout

Actions #3

Updated by ben leinfelder about 14 years ago

Tried to "loose" the ROML - it just won't go away! Closing...

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Updated by Redmine Admin almost 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4571


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