Bug #4627

[ESA] Update fails when document rev number is missing

Added by Jim Regetz almost 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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For ESA, when the moderator action is "revise", an email is sent to the submitter. This message contains a link to edit the DP, e.g.:

Note that the revision number is omitted from the docid embedded in this link. After editing this document and attempting to submit it, the update step fails:

An error occurred. Please check the list of errors below:

  • Next revision number couldn't be less than or equal 2 * Failed while updating.

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#1 Updated by Jim Regetz almost 13 years ago

As I understand it, some things we discussed:

  • A quick fix would be modify the registry code so that if the rev number is missing when updating, it checks Metacat to determine the highest rev number, and then iterates that by one.
  • A better (?) fix would be to make it so that requests to edit an EML doc in the registry always load the doc with the most recent revision, regardless of what rev number (if any) was given. Ideally, if a rev number other than the most current is given, the user should be duly notified (either simply told that they will be editing the newest revision rather than the one they requested, or perhaps given the option of editing the newest revision or canceling the edit request?).

Not clear whether some of this should involve changes to metacat itself rather than simply modifying the registry code.

#2 Updated by Michael Daigle over 12 years ago

Updated the registry code to recognize when the docid for a modify action does not have a revision. In that case, get the latest revision number from metacat and use that.

#3 Updated by Michael Daigle over 12 years ago


#4 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4627

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