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Text in attributes not rendered properly

Added by Christopher Brooks about 14 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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In a version of Kepler checked out from the svn tree, I did:
Tools->Instantiate Attribute
and entered
and that created an attribute.

However, the attribute does not have the text

If I instantiate a
in the same manner, then the same problem occurs.

Dragging in a Documentation attribute has the same problem
1. In Search Components, enter "Documentation"
2. In the Search Results, under Actors-2_0, drag the
Documentation attribute into the graph pane
3. Note that the text is not visible.

This occurs in the Kepler-2.0.0 Beta 1 installer and in
the devel tree.


MonitorManager.png (8.59 KB) MonitorManager.png Christopher Brooks, 08/23/2012 12:18 PM
MatlabDemoInPtolemy.png (42.3 KB) MatlabDemoInPtolemy.png Christopher Brooks, 08/24/2012 08:57 AM

Related issues

Blocked by Kepler - Bug #5642: Kepler should have access to the ShowTypes attributeResolvedSean Riddle07/20/2012

Actions #1

Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 12 years ago

There are icon problems in Kepler. See also bug #5266.

Actions #2

Updated by Christopher Brooks over 11 years ago

ModelRepaintController is not in the Kepler Library, it should be added.
ShowTypes is in the Kepler Library, but renders as a wrench.

Maybe fixing the Kepler Instantiate Attribute is not so important.

Are there other SingletonAttributes that need to be added the library?

MonitorManager has two titles, I'll upload a screenshot.

Actions #4

Updated by Christopher Brooks over 11 years ago

Also, outreach/workflows/demos/Matlab/MatlabExpression.xml has an an
Attribute that is supposed to show the name of the author, but is a green
box. This attribute is under the red description text.

The MoML is:

<property name="annotation" class="ptolemy.kernel.util.Attribute">
<property name="_hideName" class="ptolemy.kernel.util.SingletonAttribute">
<property name="_iconDescription" class="ptolemy.kernel.util.SingletonConfigurableAttribute">
<text style="font-size:14; font-family:SansSerif; fill:darkgray" x="20" y="20">Author: Edward A. Lee</text>
<property name="_smallIconDescription" class="ptolemy.kernel.util.SingletonConfigurableAttribute">
<text style="font-size:14; font-family:SansSerif; fill:blue" x="20" y="20">-A-</text>

Actions #5

Updated by Christopher Brooks over 11 years ago

This screenshot is of outreach/workflows/demos/Matlab/MatlabExpression.xml
when run with

ant vergil -Dmodel=outreach/workflows/demos/Matlab/MatlabExpression.xml

I dragged the red text out of the way to show what the attribute that
says "Author Edward A. Lee" should look like.

In Kepler, this is a green rectangle.

Actions #6

Updated by Sean Riddle over 11 years ago

The text rendering issues with, for instance, MonitorManager, are fixed. A patch added to the ValueIcon class in Ptolemy (by Christopher Brooks per our discussion 26Sep) makes it so attributes can declare _hideName and have it be respected.

The icon issue particularly mentioned by Christopher Brooks in comment 5 is another instance of the issue of bug 5266 (missing _icon attribute). It has been fixed in r30797.

Actions #7

Updated by Sean Riddle over 11 years ago

I have made a separate bug (5721) to add ModelRepaintController to the library as suggested in comment 2.

Actions #8

Updated by Daniel Crawl over 11 years ago

The patch to ValueIcon was reverted.

See #5266 comment 18 for the fix.

Actions #9

Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4903


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