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seems not to save the .xml file

Added by gastil gastil almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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After investing hours creating a new data package with 4 tables, it would be reassuring to actually have some verification that the EML doc (the .xml file) really was saved on the filesystem locally before quitting Morpho.

I did a File->Save...->Save Locally

and then neither the Mac's finder nor the underlying unix find can find any .xml file modified today, let alone one named what Im guessing Morpho named my package.

Is the name on the top bar, "Data Package: gastil_buhl.5.2" the name of the package, as in gastil_buhl.5.2.xml ?

If Morpho is not really saving the file, then this is a more severe bug. But I suspect it merely has it hidden or named something besides .xml

Also I tried saving to the network but the dialog box never seemed to complete its task. No error message came up but neither did it say ok or go away.

Also metacat says "the requested docid 'gastil_buhl.5' does not exist"


morpho_screenshot_which_metacat.png (20.6 KB) morpho_screenshot_which_metacat.png gastil gastil, 04/29/2010 02:03 PM
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Updated by Jing Tao almost 14 years ago

When morpho saves a eml doc to local system, it doesn't save as .xml file. The saved file is hidden to the user.

Can you give more details that morpho couldn't save a package to metacat?

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Updated by gastil gastil almost 14 years ago

Morpho did save the xml file, just not how I expected, not being a Morpho expert.

Now I realize Morpho saves the EML file without an .xml extension.

ie., for gastil_buhl.5.1 the doc is saved in

where 5.1 is the whole name of the .xml file.

I suggest the User Guide mention how to find the saved file.

About uploading the EML doc to metacat and metacat not finding the docid:

Logged into metacat (outside of Morpho; just with browser) I put the docid into the GET param of the URL and it said that docid was not found. (see screenshot)

The metacat I use is:

here is the dialog box: (see screenshot)

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