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missing command line execution for KAR files

Added by Daniel Crawl over 13 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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KAR files cannot be used with

The workflow in a KAR cannot be run with any of the -gui/-nogui, -cache/-nocache combinations, except -nogui -cache. Even in this case, no dependency checking is done, which results in an error if using the wrong set of modules.

Additionally, the Kepler GUI cannot be started with a workflow opened: workflow.kar

Related issues

Is duplicate of Kepler - Bug #5638: "Ok" behavior of Use Module Manager prompt doesn't do what it should when opening from Recent FilesResolvedDerik Barseghian07/13/2012

Actions #1

Updated by Daniel Crawl almost 12 years ago

I've added more support for KAR files on the command line. KARs can be run with and without the gui. A KAR's module dependencies are also checked. I added a -force option to ignore them and try executing the KAR.

There's no support for running KARs with -nocache. It would take a major Kepler redesign to use KARs without the cache.

I also created an effigy for KARs so they can be opened from the command line via " HelloWorld.kar". It also checks the dependencies. If this check fails and the user decides not to force the KAR open, then the KAR ends up being opened by TextEffigy, which shows garbage since KARs are binary. It'd be nice if either TextEffigy would only open text files, or KAREffigy had some way of stopping EffigyFactory from trying to open the KAR with other effigy factories.

To close this bug:

1. prevent TextEffigy from opening KARs
2. test opening/running KARs in a released environment. In this case, if the module dependencies are not met, the user can download the missing modules and restart.
3. update docs on website and elsewhere about new command line options for KARs

Actions #3

Updated by Ilkay Altintas almost 12 years ago

Still need to update the docs and the user manual. Also the text effigy will be updated to not open binaries.

Actions #4

Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 12 years ago

for ideas about how to detect binary files.

Or, just check for files ending in .jar, .zip, .tar, .gz, submit a separate bug
for a more robust version of TextEffigy and move on. :-)

Actions #5

Updated by Daniel Crawl almost 12 years ago

I updated TextEffigy to not open files with binary extensions. I also updated ExpressionShellEffigy to not create a window when the input file is specified.

I updated the docs on the website for the new command-line options, but the user guide still needs to be updated - bug #5625.

Actions #6

Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 5280


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