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2.2.0 release testing

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David asked me to create a list of less obvious things to test for 2.2. Obviously this isn't comprehensive; please test other things as you go.

Note: you have to download the installer for 2.2; upgrading to 2.2 via the module manager within 2.1 or 2.0 will not work. Also note the 2.2 installer includes a standalone Module Manager app.

Test Kepler 2.0.0 to 2.2.0 transition:
Developers, remove any trunk generated artifacts: rm -rf ~/.keeper ~/KeplerData;
Start Kepler-2.0.0 installed on your machine from the 2.0 installer.
Components=>Sources=>check-mark the kepler repository as a Search item. This will cause a write of ~/KeplerData/modules/repository/configuration/configuration.xml.
Test Components search. Use to verify your results.
Test Data search. E.g. for aphid. Drag out a data source.
Create a simple workflow, e.g. SDF w/ 1 iteration, String Constant=>Display. Execute. Save to kar. Export to xml.
Quit 2.0.0.
Install 2.2.0 from the 2.2 installer.
Launch 2.2.0, click the Sources button. Verify this dialog comes up, and that your old, incompatible config file(s) in KeplerData have been moved out of the way, into a separate directory.
Navigate to Sources=>Preferences=>KAR Preferences and select strict.
Attempt to open the kar you saved in 2.0.0. Obligue the dialog, restart into 2.0.0.
A known limitation is that to return to 2.2.0 you should not use the Module Manager inside Kepler, use the standalone Module Manager application that ships with 2.2.0 to restart into 2.2.0.

Test Kepler 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 transition.
Similar to above, but first upgrade your installed version of 2.0.0 to kepler-2.1.0 and/or reporting-2.1.0 via the 2.0.0 module manager.
Create a reporting 2.1.0 kar by exporting a run from the Workflow Run Manager. Attempt to open this kar from 2.2.0 in Strict mode, etc.

Misc 2.2 tests:
  • Test the built in Module Manager.
  • Test each OS Installer.
  • Test all outreach demos.
  • Check Help=>About version number. Check Help=>Kepler Documentation -- test all links.
  • Create, save, right-click rename on canvas, export, run and open a workflow.
  • Search the Kepler repository via Components tab.
  • Search for remote data using Data tab.
  • Right-click on a kar and upload to the Kepler repository -- ideally the workflow has documentation, serves as a good example, and may be left on the repository for users, otherwise subsequently delete it. Contact myself, jing or ben for help deleting.
  • Outline tab - drag a workflow component out to canvas. Then delete it.


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More for Misc 2.2 tests:
  • Test to start Kepler.
  • Test getenv() function.

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The additional issues that Jianwu mentioned are either addressed in Bug 5333 or has been confirmed to work.


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