Bug #588

Remove lineage tags in documentation stylesheets

Added by David Blankman about 18 years ago. Updated about 18 years ago.

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There are many incorrect lineage references. In discussions with Matt we
concluded that rather than spending time trying to correct all of them, we
should remove their generation in the documentation stylesheets. We may decide
to eliminate lineage tracking because even though, "their purpose was good, but
they are essentially impossible to maintain, so the data in them is useless".

<David> We should make a decicion on lineage before RC2

<matt> kill it

<matt> :)

<matt> or at least kill it in the stylesheets


#1 Updated by Peter McCartney about 18 years ago

I say leave it in for now, but supress it in the style sheets. I think it
could have value in the long run if it's done properly, ie - if it documents
the true source and not just what version of EML in was introduced in.

#2 Updated by Matt Jones about 18 years ago

OK, lineage was removed from the stylesheet so it no longer shows up in the docs
even though the tag is still in the schemas. This is all we'll do for RC1.

A later release may either:
1) delete the lineage tags from the schemas
2) update the lineage element content to be accurate and useful

Lets not leave it as it is for the next release. Moving milestone to EML2.0.0
so that we deal with it later.

#3 Updated by Matt Jones about 18 years ago

Decided to remove them. Will do as part of release tasks.

#4 Updated by Matt Jones about 18 years ago

Removed all lineage tags from xsd files. RESOLVED FIXED.

#5 Updated by Redmine Admin over 7 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 588

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