Bug #614

save menu item for user-initiated saves

Added by Matt Jones about 18 years ago. Updated almost 17 years ago.

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Currently, various buttons in the Morpho UI cause individual files to be saved
and a new version of the file and package to be created. Need to change this so
that there is an explicit "Save" menu that the user selects when they want to
save their changes. Before save is selected, we need to store the accumulated
changes in temporary files, and only increment revision numbers when the save
occurs. THis should allow a user to change several metadata modules and the
data indepependently, and yet only revise the package once for the whole suite.
This should cut down on the rampant revisions problem, and be clearer to the
user how things work.

As part of this bug, remove all "Update", "Cancel", and other buttons that are
related to saving. This will probably involve movement to the new Jalama
editor, so assigning to brooke for now, but we'll revisit this decision later.


#1 Updated by Dan Higgins almost 17 years ago

With the new AbstractDataPackage approach, implementing a "Save" should be
relatively easy. The "Save" menu should serialize the current DataPackageDOM
into the appropriate location (local or metacat), perhaps asking the user where
to Save if the package has never been saved before.

#2 Updated by Dan Higgins almost 17 years ago

A 'Save' menu item has been implemented to work with the new eml2 version of
morpho and the new AbstractDataPackage class.

#3 Updated by Redmine Admin over 7 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 614

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